10 amazing photos that’ll make you proud to be a cop

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It’s sadly the case that most images of cops used by the media have a negative spin — and that the good deeds of officers, day in and day out  across the country go unnoticed.
But occasionally, those small acts of kindness and compassion that go hand in hand with being a cop are caught on camera, often without the officer’s knowledge. 

When a North Carolina cop became an “internet hero” after a man snapped a shot of the officer offering a woman and her child a ride in the rain last week, it got us digging through police blogs, department homepages, and photography portfolios to bring you a collection of photos that’ll make you proud to be a cop.

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Borrowed from: http://www.policeone.com/police-heroes/articles/6143672-10-amazing-photos-that-ll-make-you-proud-to-be-a-cop/

Hayward police bike patrol adds officer
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